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Chinese villagers strap fireworks onto drones

  • Two men in China attached fireworks to their drones to battle against each other
  • The dramatic footage was uploaded online on January 30 
  • Many people have criticised the owners for their actions in a residential area 

Sophie Williams For Mailonline

Two men in China managed to make their video games a reality by attaching fireworks to a drone. 

The drones mounted with cameras were flown over a residential area in China before the explosives were aimed at each drone and fired. 

Many people online have criticised the owners of the drones for their actions and might cause a fire. 

Real life gaming: The owners of the drones attached fireworks and launched them into the air

The footage posted online on January 30 shows two drones being launched into the air by their owners. 

The machines have two fireworks attached to them to imitate guns on a plane. They can be seen smoking as they rise into the air. 

When they have reached a high enough altitude, the drones are then battled out against each other. 

They chase each other and fire the explosives at each other. 

Dramatic: They then battled against each other in the air, launching the explosives

Gaming gone mad: The drones hovered above houses as they battled against each other 

Fire! The owners lit the fireworks before launching them into the air in a rural area in China

At one point they get incredibly close however when the explosives are fired, they manage to dodge out of the way. 

Many people online have taken to social media site Weibo. 

One user commented: ‘Although it’s dangerous, it’s still a lot of fun.’ 

While another said: ‘A total disregard of the feelings of the neighbourhood, a thorough investigation should be held.’ 

And one user wrote: ‘Sooner or later there will be an accident.’   

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