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NFL adds drones dropping footballs to players to Pro Bowl festivities

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In addition to moving the Pro Bowl to Orlando this year, the league has instituted a Thursday night skills event in hopes of creating more interest in the annual event.

There will be a relay race in addition to passing and catching competitions, although the announcement of a dodgeball game caught the most interest when the league announced their plans last year. If getting in touch with an inner Patches O’Houlihan isn’t a player’s thing, the league revealed another activity on Tuesday.

In a video on the league Twitter account, the league announced that there will also be an activity involving drones on Thursday night. The flying machines will go up with a football and drop it to a player waiting back on terra firma with the player presumably scoring points for his side if he’s able to hold onto the ball.

We’ll see how it all plays out, but if there’s a need for more excitement next year the league might find it by dropping the footballs from the drone while other players are throwing dodgeballs at the intended recipient.

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