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What if ISIS was a corporate and terrorist employees resigned? EIC tells us what will happen (Watch video)

Terrorist organisations have been spreading tension and destroying lives time and again. The hapless common man does not have a choice but to fight these organisations by finding humour in every situation related to them and hope they don’t strike! We found this latest video by East India Comedy (EIC) that captures this sentiment. Titled EIC: I Want To Quit ISIS, this video will leave you laughing. The comedy group that has been creating intellectual content through their segments like EIC Outrage decided to take a dig at the terrorist organisation called Daesh, more famous as the IS (Islamic State), ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) or the ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). With so many names and a tendency to claim every other (unfortunate) attack, the ISIS has been compared to a corporate firm by EIC. EIC Outrage: An Ode To Suzette Jordan [Video]

The video sketch revolves around the concept of the terrorist organisation having a human resource department and takes a dig at the HR policies that we have all encountered in normal companies. The EIC video begins with a disclaimer, which clarifies that the sketch is about terrorism and not religion, and asks people to stop mixing the two up. A typical corporate office scenario is created for the fictitious headquarters of the ISIS, with people reading articles on the Internet and specially authored books like the George R R Maarde’s Game of Drones and Fifty Blades of Grey (an obvious parody of Game of Thrones and Fifty Shades of Grey)!

The five minute, 25-second video of EIC shows the story of an employee (a terrorist) who plans to quit the ISIS and approaches the ‘Inhuman Resource’ department where he has a hilarious conversation. The skit takes a dig at everything from the ISIS payroll to the Salafi jihadist organisation’s trend of taking credit for any terror-related event. The hilarious representation of the exit interview builds the scene for a heartwarming debate on jihad, where the ISIS employee trumps the HR. The best part of the video is when the recruiter is startled that the employee read the entire holy book and not just the version that is often used by actual militants to spread the concept of killing in the name of jihad.

The video takes us through classic PJs on terrorists to heated arguments on the difference between religion and terrorists. It ends on a dark but comic note, which will make you LMAO, and also has some references to India which will make ROFL!

The video which is made in association with Mythos Labs is directed by the famous comedian and member of the EIC, Sapan Verma.

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